Decorative Sandblasting

Onsite Sandblasting & Vinyl applications

We do mess free onsite sandblasting with a wide range of designs to choose from. Life Time guarantee on actual sandblasting.

We also do vinyl applications onsite with a wide range of designs to choose from, 3-10 year life span, depending on vinyl range. Perfect for rental offices or homes.

Sandblasting is the process of wearing down a surface, such as glass, by shooting particles, such as very fine silica sand, at high speed, using compressed air. These particles cause the surface to chip and, in this way, produce a frosted effect.

We strive to always deliver professional service to our customers, by doing so we build-up good relationships with them, we have been in business for more than 15 years, we will always keep our costumers up to date on new products.


Industrial Sandblasting

Industrial Sandblasting

Remove old Paint, Rust, Ranging from truck trailers, road markings, steel structures, storage tanks and many more…

(HYDRO BLAST) – Water and Grid Mixed Eliminates up to 95% of dust.
Improve health and safety by reducing the risk of inhaling dust and softening deflected particulate matter.

Basic operation
The hydro pot operates in the same manner as a normal dry blast pot.

Use of rust inhibitor
Extend your coating application and remove oil, grease and salts with the addition of a rust inhibitor.

Kitchen Cabinet Glass

We can decorate all kitchen Cabinets Windows – Wide range Designs to choose from

Start your order here – First choose a design number from the Design Catalog below then Click on shop now to place your order. Remember the design numbers and if you would like it in Negative or Positive.

Negative = Whole window sandblasted and design remains clear. (more private, won’t see into the cabinet)

Positive = Window remain clear and design is sandblasted (will still be able to see into cabinet)

Design Catalog 1


Design Catalog 2


Design Catalog 3


Design Catalog 4


Laser Cutting Face Shields

We can Cut & Supply Face Shields – SNEEZE GUARD‘s, Perspex Screens, Face Shields. All products manufactured on our Dual Head Laser-Machine.

Face Shield (R25 – R60 Each)

Perspex Screen for Office or Shop Counters – SNEEZE GUARD (R450 to R1190 Each)

  • Made from clear 1/4″ thick acrylic
  • Ready in less 24 hours
  • Crystal clear acrylic construction
  • Easy to wipe clean and sanitize
  • No drilling or double-sided tapes – easy to install and remove – no damage 


We do precision engraving on most services ,glass ,wood, granite, stainless steel, leather for Corporate branding ,gifts, wedding invites, beer mugs, wine glasses, trophies.

We also cut MDF wood Designs for DIY kits or custom decorative pieces. Anything from hobby builds to remote control air-plane kits.